Mike and Grace Martin live in an 1846 farm house passed down through two generations from his grandfather and father, also  farmers. Mike grew up on a dairy farm but, following a barn fire, made the switch to raising Jurgielewicz ducks one year ago. Mike also raises Black Angus cattle sold on stoneridgebeef.com and served at local restaurants. He grows corn, wheat and soybeans on the farm.

Mike and Grace have six children. The kids range in age from teenager down to baby: Christian (13), Elizabeth (11), Patrick (9), Nicholas (7), William (4) and Victoria (1). The duck farm is a whole family operation, especially for their four energetic boys. The kids help with walk-throughs, wash downs and unloading and moving the ducks. William, in particular, enjoys each new crate of baby ducklings being dumped in his lap, and laughs as the babies gently peck him while climbing all over him.

Mike also keeps busy with his side business as an electrician. For fun, Mike earned a helicopter license and hopes to get back in the sky someday. He and Christian recently invested in archery equipment, while Grace and Elizabeth enjoy entertaining, growing flowers and sewing. The entire family loves music and the kids have been involved in a children’s choir. The family enjoys camping at Spruce Lake and especially value time spent with the grandparents in Siesta Key, Florida.