A happy, healthy duck is a tasty duck, and the Jurgielewicz family would know! They’ve been raising ducks for generations. They’re known for having the biggest ducks in the industry with a higher fat to meat ratio sought after by chefs and consumers alike. Every year, duck becomes more in demand and Jurgielewicz is ready to provide that duck, and guarantee quality. Located centrally in Hamburg, PA, fresh duck is less than a day away from restaurants in New York and Washington D.C. bringing true value and farm to table quality.

It was so good!

Just got our order and cooked up the smoked duck fry immediately. It was so good!! Even my super picky 12 year old loved it. Can’t wait to try the rest of our order.

Amanda Merolla

We had the BEST quarantine dinner!

We had the BEST quarantine dinner! The Tasty Duck Kit was perfectly prepared and super easy to heat. And it was plenty of food! We served it with roasted root veggies and braised brussel sprouts. It was a treat we all enjoyed while on “lockdown”, and we’ll be ordering again soon!

Marianna Washko Burns

Always served their duck

Always served their duck at the previous restaurant I worked at.. opened my own place last year and serve two of their duck products. Outstanding!

Ethan Rundle

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