Kerwin King’s family has lived in Pennsylvania for six generations and today, live in a stone farmhouse built back in the early 1700s. These days, the Kings keep busy raising Jurgielewicz ducks (for the past three years), growing potatoes for a nearby potato chip manufacturer, and corn, wheat and soybeans to sell at market.

Kerwin and Maria have been blessed with three kids, Chloe (9), Blake (6) and Tucker (4). The entire family loves growing flowers, strawberries, raspberries and other fruits and vegetables in their large, gorgeous home garden. The kids also help with many of the duck chores, unloading babies, filling feed trays, moving ducks to the finished room and accompanying Kerwin and  Maria on daily walk-throughs. It’s truly a family farm!

Kerwin and Maria have volunteered many hours at the Lighthouse Youth Center in Oxford. Kerwin also loves to barbecue, firing up his smoker for his delicious smoked duck. While Maria occasionally likes to ride her horse, Brody in the field lanes and woods nearby, the entire family likes to ride the waves at Bethany Beach, DE.