Curvin and Lisa Martin have been raising Jurgielewicz ducks since 2005, following the loss of their chicken barn due to a fire.  Curvin appreciates the freedom that comes with raising ducks, especially on Sundays when the family is not tied down with cow milking duties or chicken egg collection.

Curvin and Lisa are the proud parents of 8 children: Juanita (22), Jeffrey (19), Jacinda (17), Darnell (14), Sharita (12), Conrad (8), Nolan (5) and Shawn (1). The kids help with the ducks by washing pans or joining dad for “walk-throughs”.  The two oldest sons, Jeffrey and Darnell, also work together each Spring making Maple Syrup. During February-March, they collect 1,500 gallons of sap from the dozens of Maple trees on their farm. They then boil the sap down to about 30 gallons of Pure Maple Syrup which they sell at the Crossroads Market on Route 25 nearby.

The family enjoys their camping vacations renting a cabin and venturing out in kayaks, or visiting their oldest daughter, now living in Massachusetts.