John and Edna are third generation farmers and were the very first contract growers for the neighboring Jurgielewicz farm. John grew up raising Muscovy ducks in Pennsylvania Dutch country and Joe Jurgielewicz Sr. persuaded him to instead grow Pekin ducks, which are much tastier.

John and Edna have 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. His son, Kevin, still visits the farm and helps with repairs and electrical work. At age 80, John continues raising ducks to this day. John attributes his longevity to Edna’s cooking. He boasts that Edna has cooked his sliced potatoes with lard in her cast iron pan every day for the past 60 years.

Besides ducks, John has, in the past, raised dairy cows, goats and pigs and has grown corn, wheat, oats and rye. John’s farm is currently Certified Organic, using duck and cow manure rather than commercial fertilizers. John is currently growing organic potatoes and his organically-grown corn grows to enormous heights over 10 feet high!