Aaron and Janette Martin live on the very same Pennsylvania farm where Aaron was born. Aaron grew up raising chickens and dairy cows with his parents before moving out and starting a career as a mechanic when he was 18. Later, when the family farm’s chicken barn was in need of renovation, Aaron and Janette saw this as a great opportunity to transition into raising Jurgielewicz ducks.

Aaron and Janette now enjoy watching the 3rd generation of Martins grow up on the farm. They are excited for their 3 children, Kyler 4, Liam 2, and Hazel 4 months, to have a similar childhood to their father. Aaron appreciates the flexibility that comes with raising Jurgielewicz ducks. He gets help from his boys who are already experts in moving flocks, so Aaron has time to tend to the corn, bean, and hay crops on the farm. In addition to the ducks and crops, the Martin family still loves being home to several dairy cows.