David and Kendra Smoker are a 3rd generation farm family. David partnered with his parents, Paul and Doris in 2004, when the family transitioned from dairy farming to growing Jurgielewicz ducks. The family also grows corn, barely, hay and soy beans and raises a small herd of Angus beef cattle, a horse, Sapphire and a Rottweiler, Indy. Their five children, Allison 16, twins Christopher and Elizabeth 13, and twins Johnny and Megan 9, help with the duck chores including washing the duck houses and unloading the ducklings as they arrive at the farm.

The family enjoys vacations at both the mountains and the beach with their extended families. They appreciate their rustic cabin in Potter County, PA, famous for star-gazing at the 10,000 stars under pitch black skies. They also enjoy the boardwalk, sun, sand and waves at Bethany Beach in nearby Delaware.