This farm purchase meant tremendous life changes for Joe Sr. and Stefne. Besides coming out of retirement, they were leaving their comfortable lives in Moriches, NY, where they had lived for decades, and moving 200 miles west to Pennsylvania Dutch country. Dr. Joe and his parents were continuing the family spirit of entrepreneurship learned from Bronislaw. Joe Sr. and Stefne moved into a small home on the farm property, where they expected to live for two years while helping Dr. Joe get the duck business started. They still live in that home today, 30 years later.

The new company, Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, Ltd., was now formally established. Shortly after the first ducks were processed, Dr. Joe convinced his high school sweetheart, Rita Murphy, to leave her position on Wall Street and move to the hills of Pennsylvania to marry this entrepreneurial duck farmer. Together Dr. Joe and Rita have raised four sons, all of whom worked on the farm during their childhood years. Three of the sons have returned to work in the family duck business after attending college, with the youngest still attending at this time.