Zack Akers’ ancestors originally settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. During the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889, Zack’s great-great grandfather joined his five brothers and migrated west to stake his claim. All of the brothers remained in states out west, but Zack’s grandpa returned to his Eastern roots. He purchased the current Pennsylvania farm property, raising sheep, hogs and cows to sustain his growing family.

Over five generations, the farm has now been passed down to Zack and his wife, Jess. The couple has been raising Jurgielewicz ducks for nearly two years . In addition to the ducks, they grow small square bales of hay which are sold to horse farms from Philadelphia all the way south to Florida. They also raise beef cattle and grow corn, soybeans and wheat.

Besides farming, Jess works from home for a national computer software company, while raising their son, Landon, now 2 1/2 years old. Jess is expecting again in September. During his youth, Zack was involved in 4-H and both were active in FFA.  For fun, Jess likes to garden and ride horses and, during hunting season, joins Zack in deer hunting in the local woods. Jess and Landon also join her extended family on beach vacations at Virginia beach.