Bryan Byers is a fourth-generation farmer whose historic stone home was formerly an 18th century hotel and tavern. Rumor has it that Lafayette slept in the hotel in 1781 on his way to join Washington at Yorktown. Bryan and his wife Monica, have been raising Jurgielewicz ducks for 10 years, along with beef cattle for personal consumption, and grow corn, soybeans, wheat and hay for market.

The family has four daughters, Larissa (13), Haylee (12), Kyrsten (10) and Mariah (8). The girls all love and care for their horses, feeding and grooming them and keeping the stable clean. Two daughters compete in Youth Rodeo and 4-H Rough Riders in challenging events like barrel racing, pole bending and breakaway roping. The other two girls are very active in cheerleading and tumbling. The girls also help with farm chores including lawn mowing and bringing the baby ducks into the duck house upon arrival at the farm.

While the entire family enjoys trail riding, typical summers are spent vacationing in Ocean City, MD. In winter, Monica and the girls enjoy sledding while Bryan heads out to the woods to hunt deer and turkey.