Bobby Tsui & Deborah Lee: Peking Gourmet Inn

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Where can one find the best authentic Peking duck in America? Many food enthusiasts believe the dish can be found at the Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church, Virginia, a culinary gem just 20 minutes from the U.S. Capitol.

The Peking Gourmet Inn first appeared on the Washington, D.C. restaurant scene on August 20, 1978, founded by entrepreneur Eddie Tsui, when he established an 8 table restaurant guided by three pillars of success: great service, high-quality products and delicious consistent food. The restaurant was eventually passed down from Eddie to his son and daughter, George and Lily Tsui, the current restaurant owners.

The restaurant, which today seats 300, has its walls covered by snapshots of famous visitors including Presidents Bush and Clinton, along with a steady stream of generals, ambassadors and celebrities. Nearly 40 years later, the proud Tsui family tradition has been kept alive, managed by the third generation who happen to be cousins, Bobby Tsui and Deborah Lee.

The restaurant’s signature dish is its Peking Duck. The dish features 12 thin, homemade steamed pancakes and giant spring onions grown on their own Grass Roots Farm in nearby Purcellville, VA. The farm also grows Chinese leeks, Napa cabbage and garlic sprouts used in the restaurant.

The crispy, golden Peking duck is served tableside by a master carver who first removes the duck skin and then the meat, with surgical precision, for three plates stacked with the succulent duck meat and skin. The waiter rolls the first thin slice of duck in the pancake, with julienned onions, tasty hoisin sauce and frequently, cucumber matchsticks. Then it is up to the customer to make additional duck-filled pancake rolls.

Jurgielewicz proudly partners with this world-class Washington, D.C. restaurant, providing thousands of ducks each year. Owner Bobby Tsui says, “Peking Duck is the very foundation of our business and Jurgielewicz raises ducks that keep our customers coming back time and again. Our success starts and ends with serving the very best ingredients in every dish.”


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