crispy roast duck

Crispy Roast Duck



  1. Preheat oven to 425°F.
  2. Place duck breast side up on rack in roasting pan and slowly pour boiling water over.
  3. Cool, pour water from cavity into pan. Pat dry inside and out reserving water in pan.
  4. Salt and pepper inside and out.
  5. Cook 45 mins then remove from oven.
  6. Reduce temperature to 375°F
  7. Turn duck over, cook 45 mins, remove from oven.
  8. Turn duck over again to breast side up, drain any liquid from cavity into pan.
  9. Roast duck until skin is brown and crispy, approx 30 mins.
  10. Drain liquid from cavity into pan and let rest.
Categories: Entreé / Servings: Family Meal / Difficulty: Easy

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