Kosher Duck Rillettes – 4-4oz Jars


Our handcrafted Rillettes are a tasty twist on an age-old traditional French Rillettes, made of locally-sourced duck and the finest herbs and produce. Rillettes are similar to pate, prepared in a manner to preserve duck or other poultry.

Duck Rillettes are best when served at room temperature, typically on a crusty baguette or toast points.

Sold as four – 4 oz Jars.

Jurgielewicz & Pelleh Poultry Partnership

This product began its journey as a Pekin duck, humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics on the Jurgielewicz Farm.  Joe Jurgielewicz & Son Ltd. is a fourth generation family-owned Pekin duck farm located in Hamburg, PA. The original farm was founded in 1933 in Moriches Bay, Long Island and opened on its present site in 1984. Today, the farm is owned and operated by its CEO, Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz, a Cornell University-educated veterinarian.

Jurgielewicz premium ducks are prized by the finest restaurants and chefs across America for their succulent flavor, perfect meat-to-fat ratio and nearly flawless skin. In partnering with Pelleh Poultry, Jurgielewicz now offers its restaurant-quality ducks and duck products to the fast-growing kosher market.

For over 25 years, Pelleh Poultry – a small, family-owned abattoir under the stringent hashgacha of Harav Dovid Miller, Shlita- has been providing direct farm-to-home delivery to discerning kosher consumers. We hope you enjoy them all.

Eliezer Franklin and the Pelleh family.

Ingredients: Duck meat, rendered duck fat, duck stock (duck bones, celery, carrot, onion, celery root, parsnip, turnip, garlic, salt, spices) cured duck (duck, water, brown sugar, salt, sodium phosphate, fresh garlic, spices, ascorbic acid, sodium nitrite, natural wood smoke) fresh onion, fresh garlic, salt, spices.

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