Duck Breasts

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All our boneless Duck Breasts are hand-cut by our butchers. These breasts are the meatiest part of the duck, a great alternative entree to steak, chicken or lamb. Breast can be pan-seared, broiled or baked. Fresh duck breast from our farm to your table!

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  • 2 Boneless Duck Breasts weighing at least 16 oz. each. That’s a total of 4 lobes at 8 oz. each.
  • 2 Duck breasts – 18 oz. each
  • 10 Duck Breasts – 16/18 oz.
  • 20 Duck Breasts – 16/18 oz. fresh/frozen

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Fresh, 2 Breasts, 16oz. each, Frozen, 2 Breasts, 16oz. each, Fresh, 2 Breasts, 18oz. each, Frozen, 2 Breasts, 18oz. each, Fresh, 10 Breasts, 16oz. each, Frozen, 10 Breasts, 16oz. each, Fresh, 10 Breasts, 18oz. each, Frozen, 10 Breasts, 18oz. each, Fresh, 20 Breasts, 16oz. each, Frozen, 20 Breasts, 16oz. each, Fresh, 20 Breasts, 18oz. each, Frozen, 20 Breasts, 18oz. each