Buddhist Style – HOFO

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Jurgielewicz Buddhist Style HOFO (head on feet on) ducks are raised free roaming in large modern barns under strict veterinarian supervision and fed a corn and soybean diet. Each duck is USDA inspected to ensure the healthiest and highest quality duck is delivered to your doorstep. This style of head on feet on duck is served in restaurants all over the United States and has the perfect meat to fat ratio to prepare world famous dishes such as Peking Duck. Enjoy and #eatmoreduck!

Whole duck, individually packed with giblets and neck ready to cook 100% duck, no artificial ingredients, raised without any harmones.

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Fresh, Buddhist Duck, 36lbs (case of 6), Fresh, Buddhist Duck, 6lbs, Frozen ,Buddhist Duck ,36 Ibs (Case of 6)

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